Bianca Marie is a 28-year-old mother of 2, who resides in Chicago, Illinois
Bianca has always been an avid reader of urban fiction. Bianca's love for reading turned into a love for writing which in return she wrote her first urban novel titled "When Loving you is a Crime". be on the lookout for Bianca Marie, because she has many more novels to come.

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Bianca Marie


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Jenny co-hosts the podcast Backward in High Heels with the fantastic L. Renee Chubb. She inherited her father’s passion for film, television, and theatre, and his need to help people however he can, whenever he can. Jenny believes content creators have a unique opportunity to bring new and different perspectives to people, and when democracy is threatened, dissent becomes patriotic.


Raised in Kansas, Jenny has lived in New York and California and still believes we can come together and get through this in one piece. She is a member of Women in Film, has participated in Sundance’s Female Filmmaker’s Initiative, and wrote for a web series - Southern Dish - which did quite well on YouTube and Funny or Die.

Melanated Thought

@Melanated Thought

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Hello world! I'm a former political writer turned urban fiction writer, under this awesome pen name, Melanated Thought. Just in case things don't work out, I can slink away crying back to political writing. I hope you enjoy my content. There is a lot of profanity, some sex scenes, drug usage, and even triggering events like suicide. It's fiction, yet it happens every day. If this type of content is not for you, that's ok. There will be other things coming from me. Check me out and please follow me on WattPad:

I always loved and had a passion to read and write, as a young woman I won competitions and plaques for my writing ability. I grew up in southeast DC and always imagined become a writer, after going through a domestic violence relationship I decided to write to relieve my emotions.


It wasn't until after my father passed away in 2015 did I decide to get published. I thank my children, husband and family for their continuous support in me reaching my vision

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