Black women have checked out on ya'll, America!

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Op-Ed by L. Renee' Chubb

You know what this site is about, and I'm not going to dilute this by giving you a cutesy intro with facts and figures to warm you up to the point. Let's get right into it. This is NOT a drill.

America. I need you to hear me LOUD and clear. Black women are not here for the bullshit right now.

We gave ya'll another chance after you disappointed us so badly in 2016, and here we are 4 years later with the same old tropes. I want to hurl myself off the nearest high-chair. This is ridiculous!

Big organizations want to call for unity and pretend to not see the vile and vicious attacks from so-called Democrats, who want to destroy the entire party from within. We're not going to call any names. I'll just let this gift speak for itself...


Please, can anyone make it make sense to me? Why are our Democratic reps going on victory lap tours for Presidential nominees and shitting on former Secretary's of State and Presidential nominees?

You had the opportunity to put your money where your mouth and your ass, that's about to bounce on that check you just wrote, put an intelligent black, WOMAN in the oval. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #Backofthebusprimary. (Thank you @blackwomenviews for that hashtag, because this could not depict the state of this country more.)

So now what? Ya'll did all that hooping and hollering. Threatening Senators on Twitter. Trying to get that "Gotcha" moment, like EW just did with Adam Schiff, and now look at you. We could possibly have two of the oldest white men on the planet as one of the nominees, for POTUS. Congratulations on taking a 500-year nap America.


Black women are tired of being ignored, erased, censored, looked over, looked under, sexualized, stereotyped, underpaid, unappreciated, disrespected, marginalized, murdered, institutionalized...


widowed, child-less, broke, fighting, struggling, crying, and ourselves, that someone will actually give a damn as much as we do.

*Takes sip of wine*

I can't describe the blackness forming around my heart. It scares me. What scares me more is that I'm not alone. Who do we have to fight for US, (Black women), as we fight for EVERYONE?

  • Kids in cages

  • Immigrants

  • Trans

  • Anyone with a uterus

  • Elderly

  • Anyone with a medical condition

  • Voting rights

  • Fair and clean housing

  • Access to education

  • Prison to school pipeline

  • Prisoner re-entry into society

Just...The whole damn planet. Let's not pussy-foot around the issue here. Black women are terrified right now. Friday was a George Foreman punch to the head. Go watch that James "Lights Out" Toney fight. America is Foreman, black women are the metaphorical, James Toney

Black women in general, are terrified for our men and children, even ourselves #RIPSANDRABLAND, out here in these streets.

For those of you who are our true allies, they aren't going to make it easy for you. And I need to say this loud and clear...We need your support. Don't pull out your phone, pull out your white privilege. That's going to save a life. If you get it on camera, even better, but the GOAL shouldn't be to go viral.

"We are going to separate ourselves from those who continue to ignore us. We have the combined spending power of more than 3 small countries as black people, I am calling on all black women to get your shit and your mind all the way right." ~L. Renee' Chubb #FUHWHATYOUHEARD

The other benefit to being included, as black women, that I mentioned previously, is in the trickle-down effect from just even being heard.

Bottom line, respect and value of our opinions will come naturally when you first recognize and respect our greatness. I hate to say it, but I am actually looking forward to showing you how great we are in this primary and beyond.

Ya'll are in for a rude awakening and I am pop-corned OUT honey!

Black women's' relationship with America is like the man who constantly cheats on a woman and she always takes him back, because she loves the shit out of his dirty drawls, and she refuses to let another women come in and benefit from all her years of hard work, building him up, cleaning him up, giving him some culture and a new sweater...

Same with this country that our ancestors died to build, whether you know or it not, and despite our Twitter bravado. This is serious for us, and we've been telling you, begging you for a seat at the table, and so here we are, with sites like this, W.O.K.E. Author Zone, where we have to create our own space to even have a conversion of thought, let alone monetary value for our work.

I'm going to end this piece that may offend a lot of people, but frankly, I really don't think I have an f--ks left to give.

White women. Gather yourselves and all of your belongings from that perch that America has put you on since before we even got here. Yep. #SorryNotSorry.

ALL OF US WOMEN, need to stick together. We aren't saying you have to listen to us. No, that's what YOU have been doing as white women. Especially these last few years. What Black women are saying is really quite simple. We've never sugar-coated anything for any of you.

"Look. Are you going to let another women just walk up, grab your husband's hand and walk off into the sunset? So why would you let someone come into your country and grab her by the pussy and walk off?" ~L. Renee' (Note to self: I like this "No f--ks" zone)

Yeah, 53% of white women, I'm talking to you right now. We can let you go on and do what you do, and then wait for you to cry victim when shit goes south. I've got my tiny violin and tissue ready for your asses. But you will not sit on Twitter and act as if you knock on doors, go buy someone a meal and ask them how this administration has treated them. You don't pay someone's light bill because they have a newborn baby in the house and can't afford formula and well, F--KING lights!


L. Renee’ is an Ohio Buckeye, born and raised. She still resides in Ohio with her husband and their 1-year-old dog, an Italian Mastiff, Kane. L. Renee’ has been an avid community activist but became even more involved within the past 2 years.

That includes becoming involved at DemCast, taking online courses and self-educating herself, all to further develop her writing skills, public speaking and leadership. L. Renee’ was a Grant Administrator for the State of Ohio, writing a $2 million block grant, right out of high school. She retired at 25 with vested benefits.

After retiring, she started her own company and attended classes at Franklin University, all while raising a young son. She hasn’t looked back, self-publishing 4 books and contributing to a regular column on L. Renee’ is the co-creator and co-host of Backwards and In High Heels, the Podcast, with Jenny Gattone, a SAG-AFTRA new media production.  She is also a recommended member of the IAPWE (International Association of Writers & Editors). 

Feel free to follow her on Twitter at @MissLRenee and follow the Podcast @BIHHeels, a SAG-AFTRA media production.

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