Dear Joe Biden, Please pick a woman of color for VP

Vice President Biden, you don’t know me. You probably won’t read this, although I hope someone around you does. I appeal to you, as an American, as a woman, to choose a woman of color for VP.

Right now the Democratic ticket is offering not just an alternative to the orange menace and his sychophants, but an alternative vision of America. If you want to say, I want America not to be “great again,” but great for the first time, for America to work for everyone, to address the inequalities, the opportunity gaps, the police brutality towards people of color, you need a ticket that looks like America. An all-white ticket does not look like America. And who better to advise on these issues than a person of color? In fact, a woman of color can offer a richly different perspective to yours, and that is an opportunity it is just foolish to pass up.

Sir, I would also like to point out that people of color are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Nay, people of color are the backbone of this country. They deserve-- they need-- to be in what “Hamilton” called “the room where it happens.” I understand that you intend to have an inclusive cabinet, and that’s awesome, but please start from the top down. Having a person of color--- in this case a woman of color--- be a heartbeat away from the presidency would truly meet this moment in a way no other VP would. Your bench of WOC candidates is deep and spectacular. You can’t pick wrong.

As a woman, I appreciate you committing to having a woman as VP, and believe you mean to have her as an equal partner, not just throw us a bone and reduce her to a figurehead. So Sir, please meet this moment. Please bring in the perspective a woman of color would bring to the table. Please offer the American people a vision of America where our leadership looks like America.

And if you don’t, I will not hesitate to go full white woman and ask to speak to the manager.

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