#MAFS Season 10 - Episode 9 Dialogue & Recap

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It’s your girls Jenny and L.Renee with our launch of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A back and forth between a single and married lady, respectively.

Renee’: Whoooo Jenny! Where do we even begin! What a week! Let’s catch up to speed and talk it out.

Let’s start with the obvious. Zach and Mindy. I know a girl like Lindsay. She’s not the prettiest of the group of friends and goes behind everyone’s back to see if she can pull the same type of man as her pretty friends. They are the worst. I don’t have a good feeling about it, and if it’s so innocent, why lie about it?

Why delete the screenshots?

The fact that he tried to accuse Mindy of not being honest, let’s me know that Lindsay was being a hater. She broke the girl code and she should be kicked off the friend island immediately.

Taylor and Brandon are just a lost cause, and I don’t see them even being friends at this point. They are not on the same page in life and in general.

I think it’s hilarious that Jessica was really wanting Austin to say I love you. That lets you know she is really in fairy tale mode. That’s sad, but she’s learning. She’ll have chest hair by the time this is over with. He’s still asking for kisses, so we’ll see how that goes in the long run.

Now, Michael and Meka. I don’t even want to say it, but I do not believe he bought a trip to Jamaica. I’ll leave it at that because I really have nothing nice to say about either of them at this point. And the same goes for Katie and Derek. While I’m happy they are being adults and know how to move past an argument? I’m not impressed that all it took was a moment of truth to crash the Jenga board on this couple.

Anywho. So let’s dissect this.

Jump in on any couple. They all need a good dragging at this point so it’s of no consequence where we start the drag-fest! LOL!

Jenny: Where to begin?!?! Taylor and Brandon are dunzo. Finito. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. The second she posted that video, it was done. I would bet good money the producers forced them to get together in that episode, at least they were civil, but yeesh. That’s painfully done.

Renee’: I agree, it’s so obvious, to me at least, they didn’t have anything in common, other than a physical attraction. Speaking of physical attraction, apparently, Zach has an emotional one with Mindy’s friend Lindsay?

Can I give my personal opinion here? She is not more attractive than Mindy so Zach is full of shit about the “attraction”, at least physically anyway. He’s not being honest. With himself nor Mindy.

Jenny: Oh Zach, you gaslighting fuckface. What pissed me off was his mysterious claim that Mindy was hiding something from HIM. Can we say projecting? Weak-chinned Donald Trump Jr is an asshole. I’m glad she recognizes that someone is lying to her (I’d go with both of them), but she should have dropped him immediately. THIS is why he’s not living there. This is why he’s not putting any effort into his marriage. Lindsey even said they weren’t going to communicate til after filming, then corrected herself. Hmmmm.

Renee’: No go for me. I’m not having good feelings. I think not only those two are lying, but as I said in the beginning. I hear on the gossip blogs that what he was trying to accuse her of, was lying about a miscarriage, and Lindsay busted her out about it.

They are also saying that Taylor is not a research scientist. Any thoughts or have you heard anything about either of those bombshell spoilers?

Jenny: Lying about a miscarriage? Get bent, Zach. That is super interesting about Taylor. I was fascinated by Jessica and her insecurity. Austin doesn’t want to say the word love, give him time, lady.

Renee’: Right. That to me is personal. Unless she was lying about not having one? I don’t know but she was not obligated to reveal that to him if he’s not even attracted to her and living with her. The fuck is wrong with dude? He’s FULL of it.

Jenny: Yeah, Zach is a piece of shit. And poor Austin. I think he and Jessica are going to come to a head if she doesn’t chill out about the feelings. He already told her he is growing in love. They’ve known each other for four weeks. Give him a chance to get his bearings, woman.

Renee’: He’s clearly annoyed with how aggressive she got with the “I love you”. But at the same time, they are married, he should have known Jessica was going to want to hear it at some point. Especially since all up until now, they have been so lovey-dovey and like “perfect match” aka “soul-mate” bullshit.

Annoying and unrealistic as hell. They irk me. It’s the perception of “perfection” that does, more than they do themselves, considering I don’t know either of them.

Jenny: So I think we see the impending storm with those two. She’s eventually going to drive him crazy, I think. She has GOT to let go of this perfect love story BS. There is no such thing.

And yes, I agree, I am wondering if Michael really bought a trip to Jamaica. I wonder if he is instead trying to convince the producers to foot the bill for one. I don’t trust him.

Renee’: I never thought of that. (Michael wanting someone else to pay for it) I keep forgetting he may or may not even have a job? Who knows. What do you think of Katie keeping her townhouse? Sounds like a female Zach?

Jenny: Doesn’t Michael have a job as an education director? I think he does. Not enough for a trip to Jamaica. Probably for the producers to bankroll… As for Katie, it is a potential place to live once filming is up. I think Derek’s reaction was uncalled for and to me, justifies Katie keeping that townhouse for ANY reason. But for this Wednesday, I’m on pins and needles for an update on Zach and Mindy. WHAT happens that those two are still married today?

Renee’: I’m not sure about Michael’s job. I thought he was a yoga instructor, but apparently he’s not? I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

If you weren’t able to catch the last episode, here’s a quick rundown without our commentary:

#MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight #couplescouch

WELL, Jessica and Austin start to show cracks as Jessica presses for an “I love you” to his annoyance. Even after he directly told her to cool it, she shows no sign of hearing him, so I smell an issue that will come to a head.

Meka and Michael had a nice anniversary on a boat. Michael told her his gift is a trip to Jamaica. Color me skeptical on if that comes through. Meka seems optimistic.

At their anniversary dinner, Zach accused Mindy of keeping something from him. She was utterly confused and eventually walked out. Later in the episode, he admitted to a friendship with one of her friends but insisted it was over. When she confronted her friend, her friend hedged specific questions as well. Mindy was left thinking someone is lying to her.

Derek and Katie spent their anniversary dinner hashing out an old fight about her keeping her townhouse. Derek defended a reaction that included saying, “No offense, but fuck you,” but they eventually worked it out. For now.

Taylor and Brandon. Oh, those two. They did meet for their anniversary. Brandon made it clear he is still done. Taylor asked if he wanted to remain friends. No, he said. He did not get into this to make friends. We’ll see if we see him again before the finale.

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