Married At First Sight: A Dialogue & Recap

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It’s your girls Jenny and L.Renee with our launch of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A back and forth between a single and married lady, respectively.

Renee is all caught up with the awesome insanity and we’re off to the races! We’re now on Season 10 of this shocking and baffling reality tv show series on Lifetime. 5 Couples, sight unseen are matched up by experts, married sight unseen and live happily ever after. Or do they?

(From Left to Right: Jessica & Austin, Brandon & Taylor, Derek & Katie, Meka & Michael, Zach & Mindy)

Jenny: Hey Renee! So quite the ride so far.

Renee’: Geesh! Where do I unpack the insanity of it all? As if marriage weren’t stressful enough as it is. Now you add in the fact that you might not be attracted to or even like your husband, sight unseen, and it becomes a whole lot of mess. Who is your favorite going into the season so far? Any predictions you want to call early on?

Jenny: I think that Austin and Jessica are going to be okay, because they are easily the most drama free. I would bet good money that Katie’s ex is going to show up, and we already know that Brandon and Taylor break up. And WTF on Zach? I doubt we’ve seen the last of his shenanigans.

Renee’: He’s a little too “metro-sexual” for my taste. His friend spilled the beans on his cheating behavior and it’s way too early for that nonsense. I don’t have any hope for Meka and Michael making it. She’s not physically attracted to him. What is it about this show that makes it so addictive though? It’s actually creepy when you think about it.

Jenny: I don’t have any hope for them either. Do you think he put the ultimatum on her for sex? I suspect he did because she was way too raw for that to be a put-on. As for the show, Maybe it’s the height of the stakes. Maybe it’s that people want to see a happy ending. I personally am curious as to why people want to be married so badly that they would marry someone sight unseen just because they’re told it’s okay.

Renee’: He denies the claims, so it’s up in the air at this point, but I do know they are NOT on the same page when it comes to children. There’s an Instagram account that lets out spoilers and apparently they are saying that Meka and Michael are filing for divorce at the end of the show. Here’s my thing. If the reports are true, there are only 2 couples who will be getting a “happy ending” here in this season. That seems like such a huge risk for the unknown. I have never wanted to be married so badly that I am willing to give up my standards, morals and ethics that I want in a life partner.

Jenny: I believe there are 8 couples out of 10 seasons who have made it, which is about 20%. Not terrible under the national average. I’ve never been about, I have to be married to be complete. My life is awesome- if a husband makes it better, bring it on. BUT it would be that particular man, not a husband in general. And what creeps me out is that it's treated like a real engagement, yay, you’re engaged, omg I’m a wife… whaaaaaaat...

Renee’: LOL! Right! What did you think of Derek asking Katie’s father for his blessing...after the fact?

Jenny: I thought it was cute. I really hope that the ex leaves them alone. But it won’t be good television unless the ex shows up. What about Mindy? I feel so bad for her and feel like even going in she deserves better than she’s getting. She deserves an Austin or even Derek, and she got a man who owns a round brush who thinks that wearing flats is an embarrassing habit.

Renee’: I’m quite sure they wouldn’t have dropped that little golden nugget if there weren’t more to the story. I’m here for ALL the drama. They couldn’t possibly think this was going to be complete fairy tale. Then again, maybe they did. I’m laughing so hard right now, “...she got a man who owns a round brush who thinks that wearing flats is an embarrassing habit.” Who are YOU? Good one, Jen.

Honestly, as far as Mindy is concerned, I think she has something missing in her life. What, I don’t know. From what I’ve read about her, she grew up in a very loving and traditional home with both of her parents and siblings. While, her parents divorced, I can’t see that as a driving factor to marry a stranger. But what do I know?

Anyway, what’s up with Brandon and Taylor? Splitsville?

Jenny: Annulment. Ouch. Apparently Zach and Mindy are “working on their marriage after a ‘rocky start.’” Hmmmm.

Renee’: There’s a video of her doing a “Diary” style clip, where she says she had to leave her hotel room because she couldn’t stand to be around Zach. She didn’t elaborate.

What do you think happened with Brandon and Taylor? They seemed a little dull for my taste, so not sure where the “drama” started.

Jenny: Brandon and Taylor, I think from the “coming up” montage, it looks like she cheated. As for Mindy, he told her he’s not attracted to her. We don’t know the context, but it doesn’t look like he was very diplomatic in the conversation. So much for wanting to lift her up and be a great husband.

Renee’: Damn! Is anyone faithful on this show? Geesh!

Wait a damn minute. You mean the highwater and dress shoes dude isn’t attracted to HER? Boy bye!

Jenny: Mr. Weak Chin sure as shit did. And he can fuck all the way off. But let’s see what happens. She looks happy again in upcoming episodes. Which, okayyyyy…

Renee’: I worry that Jessica relies too much on her twin’s opinion to stand on her own two feet. She should marry her sister. They seem equally yoked. (Just kidding, we don’t condone incest here at W.O.K.E. LOL!) Do you see her sister being a problem down the line?

Jenny: She could be if she doesn’t like Austin. That's the one we’re going to have to see play out. But we have the honeymoons first. Who’s your money on to have sex?

Renee’: My money is on Katie and Derek for sure!!! Let’s see how it goes though, things are definitely unpredictable with this show, and that’s why we love it.

Jenny: Agreed! Well, until next week, this is your married lady/single lady dispatch on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT!

If you weren’t able to catch the last episode, here’s a quick rundown without our commentary:

[Warning: The recap below contains HUGE spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 10, Episode 4, "One Night Spouse."]

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“The Silver Heart”

Brandon was in a generous mood when he gave his wife a silver heart necklace from Tiffany’s. It was a great way for him to symbolize their union. “Mrs Reid” engraved on the pendant, absolutely delighted Taylor.


In a break from NON-tradition, Derek, pulls Katie’s father aside during the family meeting, and asks for her father’s blessing. Pretty amazing considering the nature of thow show. Even more fascinating to viewers was the blessing he earned in that moment, and in return, received.


Is Zach’s modeling career a problem? It seems to be for Mindy’s friends were were all thrilled to grill her new husband about his true intentions in being on the show. Although Zack denies clout chasing, Mindy’s friends are reserving final judgement until later.

“Honeymoon Trip”

Back in the first few days of the couple’s getting married, they were given a box by show producers that contained details of the upcoming Honeymoon trip to Panama. Complete with swag, the couples get ready to head out and turn out.

“Meet the Parents”

Awk-ward! Jessica’s mother in law was like the dad on ‘Meet the Fockers’. During Jessica and Austin’s family meeting, her mother in law was seemingly hard on her new daughter in law. Likewise, Brandon was seemingly sweating bullets by the grilling from Taylor’s family.

The Twin Nod & Wink”

Unsure of how easily impressed Jessica’s twin sister is, Austin came in the door to impress and certainly seems to have accomplished his mission. Jessica’s twin sister gives her the proverbial wink and a nod. You go, Austin!

“Video Confessions”

Mindy goes on video to spill the tea, telling viewers she was so distraught she had to get from Zach’s presence. She claimed she couldn’t even stand to be around him, but fails to say why. Damn, girl.

“Oh, Derek!”

Seems being grilled by Katie’s friends brings out the giggles and gossip in Derek. When Mindy asked him to relay what they talked about and what they asked him, he could not stop giggling as he recalled amusingly, “the fire” they asked him to bring to her.


So, how do you give someone an ultimatum to have sex, but then back away from her when she asks you to unzip her dress? Welp, that’s exactly what Michael did as they got ready to lay next to each other for the first time. He even said, “I’m not ready!” as he PHYSICALLY moved away from her. Eventually, he gave in. But, dude...seriously?


Cheating is cheating, and Meka’s family was definitely getting to the nitty gritty with Michael. Asking him whether he has ever been unfaithful, her family and viewers were shocked by Michael’s confession of “emotional cheating” in the past. Meka’s mother commends his honest response, and apparently this didn’t sit well as the Meka.

“New Husband...who dis?”

As the couples arrive at their honeymoon destination in Panama, it was reported that the tension between Meka and Michael was so thick you needed a saw to get through it. Now while it wasn’t clear if the “emotional cheating” added to her ire, Meka claimed it was due to Michael’s absurd ultimatum to “get busy” on their honeymoon or dead the marriage. Michael denies giving her an ultimatum, yet by the end of the show, Michael and Meka were sleeping alone.


Whew chile! Creepy lizards and big ass bugs belong in a zoo and bug in your hotel room. Unfortunately, Jessica and Austin had a few “watchers” on their wedding night. Panama is no joke, honey. If you plan on visiting pack a small cagea and 10 cans of bug spray...just for the hotel!

See you next Wednesday as we see how things pan out for our “happily ever after” couples!

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