Married at First Sight: Dialogue and Recap - Season 10, Episode 6

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It’s your girls Jenny and L.Renee with our launch of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A back and forth between a single and married lady, respectively.

Jenny: What an episode! Between Meka and Michael moving back into the same hotel room and Mindy FINALLY seeing Zach clearly, it was quite a ride. And lest we forget Brandon speaking some truth on Taylor and her Instagram habit then going batshit on the crew. Your thoughts?

Renee’: I really wasn’t all that impressed with this week’s episode. It seemed like Brandon was looking for ANY excuse to call this thing off. I’m hoping that what we saw from Meka and Michael can be the beginning of healing and moving forward, but I am still a bit skeptical about dude. I don’t like that 2 faced nonsense. So far, it looks like Katie and Derek might be the only ones to last another 2 episodes in this 8-week circus experiment.

Jenny: Well, I think Austin and Jessica might be okay too. And for Katie and Derek, we know that ex is coming, even if the producers have to drag him out. Call me cynical, but when Taylor mentioned her IG following I was like oh THAT’S why she was matched… I get why Brandon is wary of it but duuuuuuude he was way out of bounds for about 99% of the episode.

I don’t know about you, but I cheered when Mindy called Zach a dickhead.

Renee’: I swear I pictured your face when Mindy said that. LOL! It’s like she’s been reading our dialogue or something. But on a serious note. His telling the other guys they are developing a friendship, merely because he’s not physically attracted to her is bullshit. If I may be blunt? There’s nothing attractive about Zach. Period. I wish God would grant me half of his confidence. Anywho...

Brandon is a narcissist. I can smell it on him from my living room. I’m just glad we only have to see him 2 more times.

What do you think about Jessica and Austin trying to keep it a secret that they slept together? Doesn’t that seem weird to you, considering they are married? What’s the big deal?

Jenny: Oh, Austin and Jessica just want to keep their business their business, although they are telling the cameras so dunno what their game is there. I’m sure they have their drama coming up, but thank goodness they’re on the same page about some big issues, like religion. The experts seem to have gotten these two right. These two.

As for Me. Weak Chin, he is very handsome. But there is more than a pretty face to being attractive, and I don’t think that computes for him. I think that has, however, computed for Mindy, which is why she asked him if he thinks they made a mistake (subtext: she does!).

Brandon is interesting. I wouldn’t love a camera in my face at all times, which is why I would never be on a reality television show. Soooo… And wait, he’s gone after two episodes? Where did you hear THIS???

Renee’: LOL! Nah. There are only two more weeks left in this 8-week circus, so we only have to deal with his bullshit temper tantrums two more weeks. If so, You are so right. I guess because Zach’s attitude is so ugly, I can’t get past his genuinely good looks. Just MEH

Zach is still not wearing his wedding ring and it’s not sitting well with Mindy.

Brandon also took off his ring and threw it. Did you catch that part?

Back to Meka and Michael. They seem to have a lot more in common than we, and even they originally thought. I really hope this works out for not just her, but both of them, but ESPECIALLY for her. I feel she really is willing to give this a valiant effort.

If Katie and Derek’s biggest issue is whether or not her dog can sleep in the bed, they should be fine, despite the ex’s appearance. What do you think?

Jenny: Oh, I hate to break it to you, but we’re only six days in, this is going to be like twenty-two episodes… but it’s gonna pick up steam now that we’re past the decadent weddings and honeymoons. I worry about Katie and Derek for two reasons- 1. The ex and 2. They have conversations like I like cheese when Austin and Jessica have conversations about religion.

I’m rooting for Meka too but still not a Michael fan. I hope she gets her happy ending, no matter WHAT it is. As for the ring situation, oh yeah I saw all of that. I think if anyone should be chucking rings, it should be Mindy, but that’s just me. I think Brandon is an overgrown child and Zach is a narcissist. I think Mindy should give him a mirror then run while he’s mesmerized by his own reflection and not looking at her.

Renee’: I’m laughing so hard. Run girl, Run! LOL! I had no clue this was that long. Better get my tolerance for bullshit built up real quick then.

When do you think the ex is going to drop? What happens if they decide not to go on with the wedding. Do they then leave the show? How does this insanity work? LOL!

Jenny: According to previews, “Pastor” Cal drops the ex on them pretty soon, shame on him. As for the second, I think we just don’t ever meet them if they don’t go through with the wedding. Dunno. Poor Derek. I think his giant puppy demeanor is on borrowed time.

Now we saw on the news that Zach and Mindy apparently are still married-- working on their marriage after a rocky start… what do you think is coming up for them that Mindy thinks there is anything salvageable? I’d be getting my escape plan together for handsome Donald Trump Jr look alike.

Renee’: Oh shit! I didn’t even make that connection, but you are right. He DOES remind you of Donald Trump, Jr. Eeek.

Mindy wants to be married. So much so, that I honestly believe she’s willing to sacrifice a piece of herself and what she stands for in order to remain married. Maybe she’s never been with anyone as “handsome” as Zach thinks he is. I’ve met quite a few women like that in real life. Dating an extremely handsome man and afraid to leave, because they think he is a complete indicator of their value or worth.

It’s sad to watch really. Only time will tell with those two. I really hope he doesn’t hurt her, but I really don’t have a good feeling about it.

And yes, Derek’s puppy dog demeanor is definitely on borrowed time. It’s almost suspicious. Like who are you, really? Nobody is this happy go lucky or naive.

Jenny: He’s what, 25? He’s a baby. I’m sure it’s going to go by the wayside soon. I’m not Katie’s biggest fan, honestly. I don’t think she should have done this if she was still into her ex, it’s incredibly selfish and unfair to her new husband. But good television. Yeah, Derek’s naive bubble is about to super burst soon. Poor baby. Austin is still my favorite of the husbands, I think.

Renee’: WOW! I hadn’t even really given Katie much thought. She’s not at all television worthy on her own. It’s like awwww. Next. I don’t really have a fave. If it comes to compatibility, Austin is definitely winning in that area.

The rest is just a hot mess. I want some more drama though. I need it if I have to watch 20 more weeks of this nonsense. UGH!

Jenny: Don’t worry, the drama is coming. We will witness the breakdown of Brandon and Taylor week by painful week, handsome Donald Trump Jr. and Mindy (“Are you going to eat that?” I would have said “Yes, bitch, I’m going to eat that and you’re going to watch”), Meka and Michael’s drama, Katie and Derek and whatever elementary school stuff they have going on, and I’m sure Austin and Jessica will have some shit too.

Renee’: I don’t know how much more of Brandon I can take. I might have to go walk away and pray when he comes on. This is going to be rough. I feel mortified for Taylor. They really got this one wrong. You keep me laughing with your commentary.

I can’t imagine what Meka and Michael could have that’s dramatic. Unless correct me if I’m wrong, have they NOT discussed religion, children, etc yet? With all of the fighting between them, I don’t recall them actually talking about THAT?

Katie might end up breaking Derek’s heart. I think Austin is going to break Jessica’s. She’s a little more into him than he is her. What do you say?

Jenny: Hmmmmm. Katie- oh yeah. For sure. Austin, dunno. I do suspect he’s going to be the root of drama, and not just because of that hair.

Renee’: LOL! The hair!!!!!!! So let’s call out next week’s predictions. What is Zach going to bitch about? Who will Brandon go off on? What will Katie compare Derek to? Will Austin’s hair still look good? Does Michael want children? Does he believe in God?

Jenny: Next week, hmmm… Zach will indirectly bitch about having to do something other than flex and look pretty, Brandon will go off on whoever will sit still long enough, Katie and Derek will continue to talk about inane stuff, and Austin’s hair will continue to look silly, but Jessica won’t mind. I think Michael did say he wants children, and he better believe in God because he just got promoted at his school and this show does not make him look like a great human being.

Well, folks, that’s another dispatch from us! Tune in later for another hilarious recap of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT!

If you weren’t able to catch the last episode, here’s a quick rundown without our commentary:

{Source: Newsweek}

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Katie and Derek

So far on the series, Katie and Derek seem the most likely to survive the eight-week experiment that is Married at First Sight. Since the moment they first met (when Katie first walked down the aisle), the pair have basically been two peas in a pod. They continue to learn about their many similarities and their differences on Day 5. And while Derek admits in his individual confessional video that he isn't quite yet ready to say he is in love with Katie, his feelings for her are certainly growing. Following a fun day in the sun with their castmates during a catamaran excursion, Katie decides to do something special for Derek by taking him to see the Panama Canal. It is there where the couple discusses their future and some problems they might encounter when they return home—such as whether or not Katie's dog can sleep in the bed with them, and how they will best go about giving each other their own space.

Jessica and Austin

The couple still has not revealed to their castmates that they've been intimate with each other; even at the beach, Austin doesn't break when the rest of the husbands pressure him to come clean about the consummation of his marriage. It's clear they've found their love language: privacy and humor. As much fun as Jessica and Austin have had on their honeymoon, they both are ready to get back to the real world and see how well they manage being married once their daily lives are fully intertwined back home in Washington D.C. During a day trip to various historical sites around Panama City, they talk about their futures, the possibility of children, and whether or not religion will play a factor in the way they raise their kids.

Meka and Michael

While Meka and Michael may have started their honeymoon sleeping in separate rooms, they certainly didn't end the trip that way. Instead of going with the rest of the gang on the catamaran excursion, the pair decide to spend Day 5 together sightseeing around town and finally really invest some time getting to know one another. As luck would have it, they learn they have a lot more in common than they thought and finally manage to set the foundation for a solid friendship and their marriage. Meka even admits during her individual testimonial that she is feeling hopeful about her future with Michael. And while she lays down some pretty tough guidelines for how she expects to live when they return home to D.C., Michael says in his testimonial that he is fine with following her lead.

Mindy and Zach

Although it seems as though Mindy and Zach were headed to greener pastures after he kissed her for the first time in episode 5, Zach's lack of attraction towards his wife prevents them from getting any closer in episode 6. "I've never been in a position where I've had to allow attraction to evolve or search for an attraction," Zach tells the other husbands during their catamaran outing.

"Right now we are establishing a friendship. We are friends— that's kinda where we sit—versus just forcing intimacy and forcing anything outside of that because it's not gonna work. Searching for an attraction is just kinda where it's at, which is an interesting position to be in because it's new for me," he continues.

Tension only continues to rise for the newlyweds when Mindy points out that Zach hasn't been wearing his wedding ring, causing him to admit that he is struggling and needs her help to him become more attracted to her. Mindy spends the final night of their honeymoon complaining to Married at First Sight expert and psychotherapist Dr. Vivian Coles about her problems with Zach.

Taylor and Brandon

Things seem to be going good for Taylor and Brandon on Day 5 and Day 6 of their honeymoon. Brandon even manages to strengthen his communication with Taylor by addressing his concerns regarding her constant social media use. She expresses that while she does enjoy sharing her life on Instagram, it is mainly something she uses to keep up with her friends. She isn't on the app merely for attention and influencer fame.

However, their relationship takes a turn for the worst in the final minutes of the episode. Aggravated and aggressive, Brandon becomes confrontational with the camera crew and producers when they refuse to stop filming him. Taylor tries to calm him down, but her efforts backfire when she tells him that she doesn't want to be married to the "difficult person you're being on camera," but rather she'd "like to be married to the sweet kind Brandon."

"All of it goes in his ear and most of it comes out except for the, 'I don't wanna be married to the difficult Brandon. So he takes that and runs with it,'" Taylor explains in her confessional. "He responds like, 'Oh you don't want to be married to me?' He takes off his ring. He throws it and says, 'We don't have to be in this marriage,' and he leaves."

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