Married at First Sight Dialogue: Season 10 - Episode "I Want You to Want Me"

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It’s your girls Jenny and L.Renee with our launch of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A back and forth between a single and married lady, respectively.

Renee’: Meka is being a real bitch right when Michael was trying to ask her to be more vulnerable. Wtf is wrong with her?

OHHHHHHHHHHH! What if SHE was the problem the whole time? I mean, he's got issues

but SHE is nasty.

Jenny: I think it's challenging because he keeps not telling the truth but she is not helping. I think it's challenging because he keeps not telling the truth, but she is not helping.

Renee’: Me too! I don't even sense a physical attraction. This is sad.

Jenny: I think we live in an instant gratification society and that makes arranged marriage a lot less tenable in American society. Being married is a status on a pedestal, but people have that Prince/Princess Charming fantasy, and it never occurred to them that they wouldn’t be immediately attracted to their new spouse. Ooooooops. Although with Taylor and Brandon, that didn’t equal a happy ending, did it?

Renee’: Speaking of, “Prince/Princess Charming fantasy”, Jessica and Austin and the fact they don’t even disagree or argue is not at all creepy right? Also, Brandon has a feminine side to him that I didn’t notice until the therapy session. You?

Jenny: I think Jessica and Austin not arguing is a temporary situation, to be honest. Her doing a body shot of him was disgusting, that was true love right there. As for Brandon, I actually have sympathy for him. That Instagram video was awful, and Taylor straight up refuses to apologize. I’d be upset too.

Renee’: Did you believe Brandon when he said she had guys calling her at 2:00 am? I really liked her but I lost a lot of respect for her during that therapy session. She refused to do the bare minimum and kept crying about hope. HOW? You can’t even acknowledge what you did was wrong and disrespectful, how is that not a recipe for a lifetime of misery?

Jenny: I don’t know about guys calling her at 2 am, she may have had a couple. As a single gal, I can confirm it happens. I agree I don’t know how she could do something that disrespectful and still have hope for the marriage. That was ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, how about Zach? He straight up walked away when Mindy asked a direct question. Dr. Pepper said she’s never had a spouse like him on the show before. Well, you knew who he was when you matched him. Come on.

Renee’: Taylor put up her requirements on IG. 6’3, Fine, Good Job, etc. So I almost believe Brandon. She wants a man, and she doesn’t care how she has to get it. In terms of Zach and Mindy?

Look, I’m tired of him. He keeps talking about this physical attraction. If he’s not attracted to her, he needs to keep it 100 and the fuck on. How do you NOT live with your wife? There is NO excuse for her having to FORCE him to move in. Personally, they are not a pleasing couple to the eye. They don’t even really seem to value the same things in life.

So what are we thinking about Michael lying about being a Yoga instructor and he’s really a janitor, but he was JUST crying about her being more vulnerable? HOW? I can’t trust your ass to even tell me what you do for a living. THIS IS CRAZY! He sat there eating like it wasn’t even an issue. I change my mind. HE’S THE ENTIRE PROBLEM and then some. He had the audacity to say he felt like a stranger in his own home. UMMMM. How do you think SHE feels. You are nothing that you portrayed yourself as and you can’t tell the truth to save your life.

“I’m over you”. Boy bye!

He’s so quick to deflect and put it on her. My ex did that and I hated him for it.

Jenny: Yeah, there are some stone-cold bad matches this season. I appreciate Michael, Taylor, and Zach being called out by the “experts” for their bad behavior, but I also think, Taylor was probably matched because of her social media following and Zach because of his looks, and this was a huge mistake. I have no idea what they were thinking with Meka and Michael. They’re forcing people together who do not fit. Jessica and Austin are a good match and that is why they seem to be working so far.

I know Michael is filing for annulment under fraud, claiming the show wasn’t matching him for a long-lasting relationship but for good TV. I think he’s telling the truth about that (if nothing else).

Renee’: Oh wow. I never even thought about that. But I would totally buy into that, despite his lying past. So, yes, Taylor was definitely picked because of her social media following, and as Zach for his looks. It’s almost like they KNEW he wouldn’t be attracted to someone like Jessica, and again, good TV.

Now, you have to remember, that if the rumors are true and Derek and Katie are on the outs, they rocked at the same wavelength as Austin and Kate in terms of arguments and compatibility. I think it’s creepy that they haven’t had ONE disagreement on air. Sure it may be coming, but it’s almost as if they are both holding back and that won’t end well.

P.S. (How do 2 adults not know to put oil in the skillet to cook eggs?)

Jenny: I agree, I think with Katie and Derek they are holding back and I expect a blowout coming, and if that ex isn’t brought up during that blowout, I’ll eat my teeth.

Renee’: Goodness. I’ll be so glad when they DO bring the ex. This is not realistic. OMG! I just cannot believe that Michael lied all this time about his job, and how did they not fact check this in production? This is hard to watch Dr. Pepper finding out? He ALWAYS had an excuse for every lie. I don’t like it.

Jenny: I don’t like it either. I would have dropped this guy like a bad habit already, and poor Meka is being told to try and work it out with him.

Renee’: Dr. Pepper got in that ass and asked him to take responsibility for his inconsistencies. LOL! I was so there for it. OF course, especially if what he says is true. If people are tuning in to see their drama, then they will tune out when it’s gone. P.S. It’s not story-telling as a grown-ass man/woman. It’s LYING!

Jenny: Agreed. And agreed. Poor Meka. And she got in Zach’s ass too for being disrespectful of Mindy. He deserved it. When I saw the article that said they were trying to work things out, I was stunned. I want her to have the pleasure of dropping his ass in the finale. I feel so terrible for her.

Renee’: Brandon's friend gaslighting him about, “all the work he’s put into this”, is disgusting. I cannot. I have to wonder though if she were to apologize, would he even accept it? I don’t think he would, which could be why she said that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to give one during the therapy session. He did say he “might” want it to still work, but he doesn’t know. She’s willing, so if they just put aside their egos, they might find some common ground. IDK. I think it’s a terrible idea for them to be together, but who am I to deny love?

Jenny: I don’t blame him though. I would have dropped her over that.

Renee’: Can we have a conversation about Austin’s robot stripper dance?

Jenny: Did you see a stripper dance? I saw no such thing. That dude has NO game. Bless his heart.

Renee’: OMG this was gold. *Chef’s kiss*! I peeped the game with Michael and Meka. He said he, surprise, lied when he said he wanted it to be over. *Shakes head in confusion*.

What a way to end it. See you guys next week!

If you weren’t able to catch the last episode, here’s a quick rundown without our commentary: Courtesy of Reality Tea.

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There were definitely some shocking revelations in this episode. Just when I think things can’t get worse for some, they always do. I am starting to doubt the expert’s capabilities. It’s becoming increasingly obvious questionable advice is being given for the sake of the television show. The general well-being and emotional health of the participants aren’t being taken as seriously as it should with some of these couples. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Mindy & Zach

Married At First Sight Recap- I Want You to Want Me

Mindy Shiben may be finalizing realizing no matter what she does Zach Justice just isn’t that into her. After a fun night of games, she is shocked that her husband didn’t decide to stay the night. Well, she would be the only one who is shocked. I don’t think anyone in their right mind still has hope for this couple.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz meets with the unhappy couple in Mindy’s apartment. Mindy shares that although she likes Zach, he does not act as a husband. She also feels stupid for trying so hard with a person who doesn’t reciprocate. Dr. Pepper reminds Zach that before the experiment he said he would give his all even if he wasn’t attracted to his wife. When Dr. Pepper points out that he isn’t fully participating by not moving in, he says he will strongly consider it. WTF! This guy is going to have future men on this show thinking they can pick what aspects of marriage they want to complete. Dr. Pepper recommends he either move in or just walk away from the marriage altogether. At this point, MINDY shouldn’t even want his superficial a$$. Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Mindy, run!

Mindy and Zach meet with a tantric therapist for an intimacy exercise. Mindy is falling in love before our eyes while grinding on Zach’s lap staring into his eyes. Girl, this isn’t going to get him to move into that apartment. Hell it isn’t even going to make him spend more time with his wife.

Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- I Want You to Want Me

Things are tense in the household after Michael Watson revealed he isn’t getting what he needs from Meka Jones. The next morning Meka angrily confronts Michael after he refuses to go into more detail about his request for her to be more vulnerable. Sigh! Can you guys just break up already? These constant fights are giving me a headache. Meka, girl, you have to stop being so aggressive. You are way too young, to be so jaded. Michael, please stop the passive-aggressive BS. Are the experts incapable of putting their foot down and being real with the participants? Their meetings seem less like real counseling and more like friendly suggestions. Lifetime, I volunteer my overly critical mother to be an expert.

If you want a no-nonsense approach, she is the woman for the job. She would have shamed Zach into moving into his marital home the first week. After getting frustrated and leaving, Michael returns home to attempt to have a conversation with his wife. He explains he doesn’t feel comfortable when he is met with aggression during a conversation. Meka asks him to stop shutting down and walking away every time they have a disagreement.

Meka confronts Michael at lunch after making a MAJOR discovery the night before. After arriving for a yoga class, Meka learns her husband isn’t a yoga teacher but cleans the rooms instead. WTF!!!!!!!!!! It isn’t a big deal that he has a second job cleaning. What is crazy is this man has lied about sex, job promotion and now about being a yoga teacher. Now I totally believe Meka when she accused him early on of demanding sex off-camera on the flight to Panama. Out of all the things to lie about, who lies about being a yoga teacher? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I know this show is on Lifetime, but who knew Meka was walking into a classic Lifetime movie. Do the experts not vet these people?

Dr. Pepper shows up just in the nick of time to counsel this couple. Meka tearfully confesses she doesn’t trust Michael due to him lying constantly. When Dr. Pepper asks him directly about being a yoga teacher, he has a fishy excuse. I’m sorry, but there are wayyyy too many coincidences with him. He finally admits that he lies at times, but blames Meka, as the reason. Huh???????? Dr. Pepper even tries to minimize this grown man telling tall tales every day. Am I in the twilight zone? On what planet, is this okay? Meka can work on her aggression, but a grown man lying to his wife constantly about EVERYTHING in his life is a huge problem. These experts never have women participant’s best interests in mind. They encourage them to stay in emotionally unsafe relationships season after season.

Meka and Michael complete a blind trust exercise where they ask and answer questions while blindfolded. They both seem more comfortable being open when the other is blindfolded. Too bad they can’t walk through life communicating this way. They probably would get a lot further faster.

Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap- I Want You to Want Me

While most of the couples are fighting, we can always count on Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd for some good wholesome scenes to balance out the show. This week the two bake cookies to remind us just how boring they truly are. The raciest thing they have done all season is playing the intimacy game the experts organized for them. There were body shots, PDA and awkward lap dances, all in one episode. I can’t believe it!

Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap- I Want You to Want Me

Dr. Pepper meets with Brandon and Taylor to get an understanding of the breakdown in their marriage. Brandon is defensive while Taylor plays completely innocent about the video on social media. Dr. Pepper has to literally explain to Taylor why her video was inappropriate. She finally admits that she was still upset about Brandon’s neglectful and disrespectful actions. Brandon doesn’t seem to remember his own disrespectful actions, while he is so outraged. Taylor has transformed from the meek wife to someone who no longer cares, before our very eyes. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong and is not sure she even wants to apologize. SMH… throw the whole meeting away, this is ridiculous! Knowing Taylor, there would be no way she would be okay if the situation was in reverse.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, the video was wrong. Just admit it! Brandon storms out of the room and demands his mic is removed. But before he leaves he drops a bomb, insinuating Taylor may have been unfaithful. He claims she has had many random calls from men late at night which she denies. No need to cry Taylor, this is for the best. Brandon was emotionally abusive and not worth the time invested.

Brandon meets with a friend to vent about his mediation with Taylor. At this point, he is unsure if he even wants to pursue anything with his wife anymore. Taylor reached out a few times after mediation and wants to meet to talk. If they aren’t going to take accountability, there is really no point.

Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap- I Want You to Want Me

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad organize a cooking class for the group after almost burning down their apartment making breakfast. Everyone is in attendance with the exception of one couple. Things get awkward fast when Mindy and Zach still not living together is discussed. The group pressures Meka to give an update on Taylor and Brandon's relationship. She explains the situation in broad terms to not violate their privacy.

Derek sets up painting and wine date at home for Katie. This was such a cute idea and way to show his wife that he is actually trying in their marriage. While having dinner, Katie reminds him that he needs to win her over. Although they had sex quickly, she wants Derek to be a “little scared” about whether she will decide to stay with him. Whatever Katie, as soon as he says ‘I love you’, you will melt like butter.


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