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It’s your girls Jenny and L.Renee with our launch of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. A back and forth between a single and married lady, respectively.

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Renee’: Whooooo chile! Where do I begin this week! It’s a whole lot of debauchery going on in this one episode, carried over from last week. I need to start with Brandon and Taylor though. Like, how DARE you ignore me when we are in private and I’m trying to have a conversation about what has upset you, then you get in front of other people and throw me under the bus in a shady kind of way. I would have stood up so fast that the chair would have flipped backward.

Next is Derek’s fist bump, and “evolution” speech. WTF was he talking about? Did you get it?

And then finally. I’m sorry, but Mindy and Katie prying into Meka’s bedroom woes in a group setting turned me off. Is it me or is that a cultural thing? You could clearly see she was uncomfortable and gave them the vaguest answer on the planet. OBVIOUSLY, we had a disagreement. If I wanted you to know what it was about, I would have shared more without being asked. Nosy as hell.

Jenny: That is NOT a cultural thing. That is a nosy thing. They were fucking asking everyone about what was going on in their bedrooms and I was not here for it. Nor was I here for Brandon and his behavior, or his “I messed up, get over it.” Nope. And that fist bump was fucking stupid. WTF is wrong with this weak chinned fool? But seriously, Meka and Michael… he took his ring off… wooooooo boy…..

Renee’: I cannot help but literally bust out laughing at “weak chinned fool”, each time I hear it. LOL! So...

Jenny: Did you see Zach’s face when Mindy asked him if he assumed she was attracted to him, and if was concerned about building her attraction to HIM? He looked like a child who had been given information he couldn’t quite compute.

Renee’: Pure GOLD! Here’s my thing. If he can’t get past the physical to get to know her, then what is he here for? Did he really think he was going to get paired up with a blonde, blue eyed Marilyn Monroe? Seriously. What’s the real tea on that?

Also. Do you think that Michael is sincere when he says he hasn’t been wearing his ring because he wants to put it on when he’s the man she wants him to be? *Yawn*. Do you think he’s 2 faced? Acting one way on camera and another off?

Jenny: I think Zach has a skewed idea of the importance of looks- his and others’. And while I can understand it taking time to feel the spark, he’s being a dick about it. I give him credit for liking feisty Mindy though.

As for Michael, it’s not uncommon in reality TV for people to put up the front when on camera, so I totally believe he is different on camera than off. I was proud of her for taking hers off when she saw his was off. Honestly, I think his is off because he meant it when he said if he didn’t get laid quick he wasn’t feeling the marriage.

Renee’: Agreed on Zach. I don’t see him improving his image anytime soon. So I’m sure we’ll have more to chat about on him. I do want to go back to Brandon and Taylor because that’s some serious shit he did.

He is starting to exhibit narcissistic tendencies already. I feel sorry for her, because she’s in for a long hard fight if this is the honeymoon.

Jenny: I think we see why they are kaput. For sure. Panic attack my ass. You didn’t like having a camera in your face and you sulked about it. I’m not his biggest fan. I think Derek might be a little immature but I like him, and I like Austin a lot, but that’s it for the dudes. What about you?

Renee’: I think that Austin and Derek are the most relatable.

Jenny: Oh yeah, I would have dated either of those two. Austin especially. I would date the shit out of a guy like that. Zach and Brandon remind me of a lot of guys here in LA. I swipe left on them.

Renee’: Im choking. Swipe left on that ass! LOL! Austin is a little TOO nice for my taste. Don’t judge me. Derek is a little too willing to please. I like them, don’t know about dating them. My concern with those two couples is that there is not enough drama. It’s too cutesy and fairy tale ending. Let’s be honest. That’s not why you, I or any of the other viewers tune in each week. I need the ex-girlfriend or something to pop off real quick and bring this back to reality.

Jenny: Well, with Katie and Derek we know there is an ex coming, and with all five we have real life about to slap them in the face after the honeymoon. I think with Jessica and Austin the drama comes when Jessica realizes there is no such thing as a “perfect love story,” as she is so fond of saying. Girl, when reality hits you, it’s gonna hit HARD. Katie and Derek are babies, and doesn't strike me as mature for their age, so I think that’s drama coming too. With those guys, there’s plenty of organic drama coming. And I’m sure the producers will create some, if needed.

Renee’: I’m so here for it. I need to see how they handle the pressure. It’s different when your back is against the wall, and there’s a stranger in front of you. Whew. I just cannot! What are your predictions for next week?

Jenny: Well, they are finishing up their honeymoons. We saw Meka and Michael back in the same room. Obviously they are figuring some shit out. Austin and Jessica will continue to be cute and quasi-boring. Katie and Derek will be the cute train wreck coming, you can’t look away from. Brandon and Taylor will be the less cute train wreck coming, you can’t look away from. Zach will continue to be in love with himself and his hair. Your predictions?

Renee’: My prediction is that Zack will get a gray hair during this process and blame it on Mindy. I think Michael and Meka are off to a good start on how they communicate with a level head and being as honest as possible. From what I can tell, anyway, on the outside looking in. I believe this ex is going to shake up the Katie and Derek Cinderella story, and I believe that Jessica has a bigger crush on Austin that she is letting on, or that he has for her. Brandon and Taylor. I don’t see them making it passed the next show, let alone to the end. But we shall see.

More to come next week!

If you weren’t able to catch Season 10, Episode 5, “Trouble in Paradise”, here’s a quick rundown without our commentary:

[Warning: The recap below contains HUGE spoilers for the next episode to come.]

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Trouble in paradise as Meka and Michael not only are still in separate bedrooms, but Meka discovers that Michael took his ring off. He claims it’s only til he can be the husband he deserves. Hmmmm… Michael got his ass chewed by Pastor Cal and they agreed to start over.

Brandon wakes up with a camera in his face and proceeds to give a hurt and confused Taylor the silent treatment all day. He tells her at dinner that he had a panic attack and when she complains that he didn’t just tell her why he was upset, he told her he made a mistake and to get over it. She was having none of that and got an apology. She took him right back, because of course she did.

Mindy dropped a bomb on Zach when she asked him if he always led with his looks and cared at all about whether he was attractive to HER. It took a while for him to compute this new and strange information, but he seemed to step up his game. He also seemed to like this feisty new Mindy.

Jessica and Austin continued to be their cute, awkward selves. Jessica again talked about how this could be her “perfect love story.” Oh boy when real life slaps them in the face…

Derek set up a romantic evening for Katie’s birthday and the two consummated their marriage. That’s it.

The couples all spent time together during the episode. They all spilled the tea when they broke into smaller groups. The women seem to be bonding more than the men, and weren’t above asking personal questions in front of everyone at the end of the episode. Here’s hoping that doesn’t become a thing…

The honeymoons finish up next week. We’ll see what mess they get into when they get back into real life.

Brandon & Taylor

See you next Wednesday as we see how things pan out for our “happily ever after” couples!

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